Server Merge!

[Admin] Hotpancake a posted Jul 3, 14
Hello again,

Yes, it is true. We are merging with Crafter's Paradise due to the EULA change. We are still working on the details, but we have a lot planned. Unfortunately, only about 7 days will be given to move builds due to our hosting period running out. You can bring any build over from any map as long as you built it. You can bring items over from the current main map if it's possible for them to be moved from a schematic. You can not bring items over from the old map(items in item frames should be stored). Please leave the warp or coordinates to whatever you want moved. You can leave them in the comments or message them to me.

Thank you!

Visit for more details.
[Admin] Hotpancake a I have the schematics. I just need you online to tell me where to put them.
[Supp.] will_solvit so where do i say what builds i want moved over cos i want mine and asafs town moved at quords x -2300 y 73 z-44 ill mar...

Recent Changes

[Admin] Hotpancake a posted Jun 7, 14
Due to legal reasons, we have recently changed the following:

Donations are now seen as a mean to show appreciation, and to help the server last longer. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ranks are can only to be gained if the staff see you are dedicated enough for the rank.

If you already have a rank, we see you fit to keep it. You have shown dedication, and therefore deserve it. In the eyes of the staff, you all deserve your current rank.

We will share more information as it comes.

If you have any questions, you may ask them in the comments. However, we may ask you to ask them privately via Skype.

The contents of this post are not official until further notice. Some of these changes may be temporary until more information on the matter is released.

We're reverting back to normal shortly

Unfortunatly, we will still need to adjust some perks for ranks. Once we figure out what to do, we'll get the donation store back up.
[Master] Rocketboy I'm thinking about hopping back on, since the old map is back. I really want to be on here more. I'm on Vacati...
Hello everyone!

Thanks to ColdSteal, we were able to recover the original map. What does this mean to you? A lot!
If you had built anything on the original map, it is 100% yours once again. You will have the choice of continuing your quest for survival in that map, or transferring your build over to the current one. However, if you transfer it, you will not keep your items. Keep in mind, your inventory here is seperate We will be able to take you to your sethome and last logout on that map. If you have coordinates to one of your builds, we can take you to them.

Feel free to try the following warps that we recovered:

/warp french city
/warp oldspawn
/warp oldwild
/warp scotland
/warp tehran
More will be added as they come

This map may have chunk errors. If it does, it will need to be removed. Keep this in mind if you want to continue playing on it, but also know we have not encountered any problems with it.

You will not be allowed to loot on this map, as protections were not carried over. Griefing is still not allowed on this map.
Hey all,

We have figured pretty much everything out, so we will no longer need the white-list. Our downtime was related to the problems we needed to figure out. After this month, we will likely downgrade the server to 1gb. This shouldn't be a noticeable problem, so it likely won't affect you. I appreciate the time and effort you all have put in to this server. It means a lot to see each of you online. Hope to see you in the game!

[Supp.] will_solvit i cant come on at the mo dew to not updated
[Admin] Hotpancake a O.o It shouldn't have been. I'll get right on that.
[Member] Spinken5840 And white-listing is added again.. xD

We're Open!

[Admin] Hotpancake a posted Jan 18, 14
Nebulacraft is now officially back up. This time, we have a fully functioning creative map, skyblock map, and survival pvp map. Have fun guys!
Please report any bugs you see on the forums; we will fix them asap.

New IP:
[Admin] Cold_Waffle a Look in the comments dragon.
[Member] dragonslayer4123 what is the new ip
[Member] Asafzeus THANK YOU